30 Jun 2021

Top Causes of Siding Installation Problems and How to Avoid Them


What keeps the moisture out of your home is your siding. The sign that you need to look out for, and affects the most, is the siding. If this is damaged, which sometimes you can’t even see, moisture will become a serious issue, no matter what time your home is. You will also see warping and buckling in your home.

Bad Maintenance Habits

Most sidings, such as vinyl sidings, are marketed as low maintenance. However, it doesn’t mean it can be neglected. It needs to be inspected, especially when it has experienced severe weather conditions. If you don’t do proper maintenance, the problems will pile up, and you will eventually have an emergency, such as siding repair or siding replacement. With a proper and regular maintenance schedule with your siding contractors, you will catch the small stuff before it becomes a significant issue.

Bad Install

Not all siding contractors are created equal. Others don’t have the experience necessary to provide proper siding installation correctly. Make sure to do your homework and research contractors properly in your area. You can even talk to friends, family, and neighbors and see whom they recommend.


It doesn’t take the worst weather to ruin your sidings. Any debris that makes contact with your siding in high winds will make its mark, sometimes less visible than others. However, it can still pass for a siding replacement or siding repair. Severe winter weather can also take its toll on your siding as ice turns into water and then freezes again.

Roof Issues

It may be an opposite topic, the quality of your roof impacts the stability of siding. Once your roof begins to fail, such as your shingles wearing out and allowing moisture to get underneath and into the under layers, the moisture can also work its way to your siding and cause damage to the understructures.