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Buzz ND Siding Contractors near me in Antioch is a trusted company for various siding needs. We use strong materials that have been tested through time in the performance of our siding replacement and siding installation works. Our projects are handled by seasoned siding contractors in Antioch, with the #1 goal of satisfying clients with their desired outcome.

We provide reliable assistance in helping you find the best-suited material for your residential property. We offer James Hardie siding and vinyl siding, and many others. Once you are ready for the installation, just call us and we will be there. Consult our siding contractors Antioch today!

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Types of Siding Offered by Our Siding Contractors Antioch, IL

Are you looking for a competent and professional siding contractor in Antioch to do some siding work on your home? Worry no more about how to upgrade since Buzz ND Siding Contractors is your most reliable option. We have the most experienced siding contractors who will gladly explain the variety of siding installations we offer:

James Hardie Siding installation

James Hardie Siding Antioch, IL

Apart from being considered as a friendly material for the environment, it has fiber cement materials that make it have an extensive duration, low maintenance costs and most importantly: a beautiful facade to the point of being a topic of conversation in the neighborhood.

Vinyl Siding installation

Vinyl Siding Antioch, IL

Characterized by being very affordable, versatile and easy to install and maintain, vinyl has been considered for many years as one of the most popular siding materials. Compared to other siding companies, near me in Antioch we provide you with a varied selection of colors and textures of this type of siding so that the facade of your house looks different from just your average one. 

Aluminum Siding installation

Aluminum Siding Antioch, IL

It is considered one of the most affordable siding materials due to the fact that it is resistant to any type of weather, it is eco-friendly and its maintenance costs are low, apart from that it can last up to half a century if installed correctly.

LP Smart Side installation

LP Smart Side Antioch, IL

We are the first siding contractors near me in Antioch to offer this product, which is characterized by having zinc borate, which protects siding for years to come from gradual rot and insect invasion.

Reasons To Choose Buzz Siding Company Antioch, IL

Expert Siding Contractors

Regardless of the type of material you select for the siding of your home or business – like James Hardie, Vinyl, etc.-, we assure you that our siding contractors will ensure the job is done in a proper manner and without any type of rushing.

Free Estimate For Siding Installation

If you want to know more about our services and products that we offer for the siding installation or siding replacement work in order to request a quote free of charge, as well as requesting a completely professional, timely siding service unmatched by the competition, you can contact our siding company.

Insured and Licensed Siding Contractors

Concerned about the safety of your siding contractor during the task? Do not worry anymore, since our siding work crew have their respective work licenses and insurances always up to date.

High Quality Siding Services

In order to provide our customers in the Antioch area with the best results possible to the extent of requesting our services once again in the future, Buzz ND Siding Contractors in Antioch is always committed to providing first-class care services, regardless of the prevailing weather season.

Years of Experience in Siding Installation

Buzz ND Siding Contractors is one of the most professional and dedicated siding companies in the entire Antioch area, having many years of experience in our backs regarding the siding installation and siding replacement segment.

Fast and Efficient Siding Contractors

When you hire the services of Buzz ND Siding Contractors, expect from our work crew an efficient and faster siding installation service for your home or business, as well as siding replacement Antioch services.

With our knowledge and professional skill, expect Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch to provide you excellent quality and affordable siding installation to match your siding Antioch needs. Our siding contractors are capable of accomplishing your siding projects on time.

Siding Replacement & Siding Installation Antioch, IL - Services

01. Siding Installation Antioch, IL

Siding installation in Antioch is an easy job for any of our seasoned siding contractors. They know how to select the right material that complements the design of your home and increases its value for the long run. Our customer service is top-notch with our trained staff ready to accommodate your questions anytime. Our commitment to our business has made us a preferred siding company in all of Antioch. For reliable siding installation near me in Antioch that never fails, call us at Buzz ND Siding Contractors!

02. Siding Replacement Antioch, IL

Five, ten, twenty years ahead, our siding replacement in Antioch can still keep your home fresh, strong, and well-protected. Our clients know that we never cut corners and we always provide the best quality of work we could ever give. Our siding replacement service is designed with an energy-saving method to improve the appearance of your home and maintain its strong structure for years to come. Contact Buzz ND Siding Contractors!

Buzz ND Siding Company Antioch, IL - Our Projects

What To Expect From Siding Contractor Antioch

If it’s time for you to replace or have a new siding installation Antioch, you must ensure that you are hiring a reliable siding contractor. No matter how beautiful your plan is or the materials you choose, the siding installation’s success depends on the siding contractor. When looking for siding installation Antioch, ensure that the company you select will provide you a written estimate with projected costs, plans, and materials that will be used in the siding installation process. A reliable siding installation will give you good communication from the start to completing the project. Another thing to expect from your siding installation is to have good reviews online. 

If you are looking for a great siding contractor Antioch, Buzz ND Siding Contractors offers a wide range of home improvements, including siding installation and siding replacement. We ensure quality results and hassle-free processes.

Siding Company Antioch, IL - Signs You Need To Replace Siding

Your siding protects your home and serves as your first defense against moisture. If your siding has reached its useful lifespan, your home becomes at risk with structural damage and significant repairs. Understanding the signs that you need siding replacement in Antioch is vital to keep your home’s condition safe at all times. Bubbles and blisters are common signs with vinyl sidings and James Hardie siding. It indicated that water has gotten trapped inside and you have a moisture problem. Storm damage such as hail damage, debris, fallen trees is apparent signs that you need siding replacement in Antioch. Other signs are high energy bills, peeling paint or wallpaper inside your home, holes, cracks, mildew, and severe fading. 

If you see any of these signs, Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch can help you with siding replacement or siding installation. Whether you need vinyl siding installation, James Hardie siding installation, or other siding materials, you can rest assured that our siding contractors will provide you a stress-free experience and high-quality siding replacement.

Steps Of Siding Replacement Antioch, IL

Getting Rid Of The Old Siding

Removing a previous siding installation usually involves some mess, but professionals from serious sidling companies know how to do it quickly. By disposing of the old material as they go, they can keep their workspace organized.

Getting The Walls Ready

The best siding contractors Antioch has know how important it is to check on the integrity of your walls. Any sign that suggests damage should be contemplated before moving on to the installation.

Installing the Insulation

It’s important to eliminate all the old insulating material and put on new fresh insulation instead. This will protect your home from the weather while getting your walls ready for the new siding boards.

Clearing The Space

The siding installation Antioch residents prefer is not finished without a thorough clean-up. Professionals must remove all debris and dust in order to leave your exterior with a flawless look. 

Review Our Siding Installation & Siding Replacement Services Antioch, IL

Our siding contractors in Antioch work hard to conduct ourselves professionally at every siding installation and siding service. Check out some testimonials we have received from our customers and clients in Antioch just like you! Don’t just take our word for it. Being one of our customers in Antioch, we would like to ask you for a bit of time to provide us a review to let us know what you thought of our partnership. Your testimonial will help our upcoming customers decide about our work ethics and values. We would be grateful if you would give Buzz ND Siding Contractors a review of the hard work that we provided.

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About Our Siding Contractors Antioch, IL

Charlotte E. Barber
My house was long overdue for a new installation of Vinyl sidings, so I managed to contact your Antioch-based siding contractor, who did an excellent job. Thanks!
Jennifer A. Streater
You’re without doubt one of the best siding contractors Antioch has since I needed someone to do some siding installation work for my house and you took care of everything with a professionalism that is not usually seen in other companies. I already know who to hire next time!
Jackie A. Black
Thanks to you and your good service, the installation of my James Hardie siding in my new home was completed just in time for move-in. You are one of the best siding companies in Antioch!

Preparation For Siding Replacement Antioch, IL

If you plan to have siding installation or siding replacement done in Antioch, make sure that you prepare your home and property. It will help the work speed up and keep the property safe during the construction process.

  • Clear a power outlet. Our siding contractors in Antioch will need access to power for their tools. Having a clear outlet available will be convenient for our crew.
  • Prepare the inside of your house. Any siding removal or siding installation, it can cause your walls to shake. Remove any items that are leaning against or hanging on your walls as they might fall. 
  • Prepare the outside of your home. Remove anything that can block the access to the exterior walls, such as firewood, patio furniture, decorations, or wrapping shrubbery. Our siding company in Antioch suggests this for the safety of everyone. 

Make alternate arrangements. Construction is a loud process. When working at home, ensure to arrange a quieter place to work in. Pets should also be taken care of.

Vinyl Siding Installation Antioch, IL What You Need To Know About

What exactly is Vinyl Siding Antioch, IL

Vinyl siding is a durable plastic exterior material that is used to cover the exterior of a house. It is available in different colors, trims, and patterns.  

Benefits of Vinyl Siding Antioch, IL

Vinyl siding is durable, versatile, cost-effective, and requires low maintenance. Many homeowners in Antioch are choosing this siding material because it is easy to install and available in many styles.

Vinyl Siding Installation Antioch, IL
How To Prepare For It

To prepare for the vinyl siding installation, it is recommended to clean the exterior of your home. Remove all the downspouts, fixtures, and shutters. If you can, apply a light stain to the metal siding. 

What Is Harder Install
Or Removing Vinyl Siding Antioch, IL

Vinyl siding installation requires the expertise of a professional to ensure that your new siding will protect your home and will last long. If you need help with installation or vinyl removal, do not hesitate to call Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch. 

Length Of Time That Siding Installation Antioch, IL Takes

Siding contractors Antioch consider the size of your home as a primary factor when working on any home improvement project. Your siding installation in Antioch will last depending on the size of your home, its terrain, and the number of stories it has. Our siding contractor at Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch will consider these variables to come up with a clear quote. Most installation projects require 10 to 14 days to finish as it includes removal of old siding, preparation, adding insulation, new siding installation, and other finishing touches. Painting, on the other hand, extends the project timeline.

The siding installation steps are as follows:

Removing Old Siding – The crew removes your home’s old siding.

Setting Up The Wall – A professional will evaluate and repair your wall.

Isolation Installation – When done with old siding removal, the contractor will check your home’s insulation.

Siding Installation – Finally, new siding will be attached to your home.

James Hardie Siding Antioch, IL - Benefits

Extremely Durable
Hardie board siding in Antioch is made to withstand harsh weather conditions. Despite the constant presence of various elements, it still looks great and functions well. It can withstand rain, strong winds, ice, hail, temperature swings, extreme humidity, and snow. It keeps moisture out of your home, saving you money on expensive repairs like decay, warping, and swelling.

Excellent Curb Appeal
James Hardie siding in Antioch has a pleasing appearance, thanks to the wide range of colors and patterns available. Your property will look great without the need for costly maintenance due to its eye-catching wood-like appearance. Because it is not made of wood, Hardie siding requires less maintenance.

Resistant to Pests
Because of its beauty and unrivaled performance, Buzz ND Siding Contractors in Antioch recommends James Hardie siding for homes. This siding is termite, carpenter ant, and woodpecker resistant, making it an excellent investment.

How To Choose The Best Color Of Jame Hardie Siding Antioch, IL

One of the services Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch provides for you is helping you choose the perfect color scheme for your James Hardie siding installation. James Hardie siding comes in a vast array of main and accent colors that you’ll have to choose from.

You’ll want to decide on the tones for your colors. Will you lean towards the warm or cool undertones that give you the basic color scheme of the entire project?

How will you accent your main color with contrasting colors? Your Buzz ND Siding contractors Antioch can sit down with a color wheel and show you how colors directly beside each other are analogous and create a cohesiveness tying your color scheme together and giving your home a calming appearance.

By hiring Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch to do your James Hardie siding installation you’ll get the best in color design, installation and amazing warranties.

Making the Siding Selection For You New Siding Installation Antioch, IL

Installing new siding on your home is a major decision and expense.  When your siding installation is completed you want to be fully satisfied that you made the right decision. What choices will this involve?

#1 – What type of siding will you choose for your new siding installation Antioch? No matter what you have in your house at the present time, you can always go with a different material. You can choose your new siding from vinyl, aluminum, or LP smart side, or even fiber cement siding.

#2 – Which of the many siding contractors Antioch should you hire?  The right contractor will help you select the very best siding for your house.  Then they will do a top-notch job on your siding installation. Buzz ND Siding Contractors Antioch is the best choice for your siding job. Call today for a free estimate!

What to Know Before Siding Installation Antioch, IL


Enjoying a steady temperature in your house throughout the year can be expensive. Your HVAC system can cost more than most of the other appliances together. Without efficient siding, you could be throwing your money away.  


Your siding lifespan depends on the type of siding installation and maintenance provided. Wood siding is aesthetic, but it needs periodical maintenance to keep its appearance and efficiency. Professionals among the formal siding companies Antioch has, can give you alternatives for a great look with less maintenance required, like Hardie Board. 


You can combine practicality and style with the right siding that blends with your home style.


Home improvements can be stressful because of the money and effort involved. Potential buyers can retreat if the property requires work, especially when it comes to siding installation. Before you sell, call the best siding contractors Antioch offers to upgrade your house with a brand new vinyl siding installation.

How to Prevent Mold? - Siding Installation Antioch, IL

Schedule Regular Siding Cleaning
Regular siding cleaning will prevent mold and mildew buildup before they begin to sprout in your sidings. Make sure to reach the shady and damp areas where mold starts to grow.

Remove Climbing Vines and Moss
Some homeowners love the look of climbing vines on their vinyl siding or James Hardie siding because of the rustic look. However, these organic covering prevent natural light from reaching your siding, which leads to mold developing rapidly.

Use Mold Resistant Cleaner
Buzz ND Siding Contractors can help you with our cleaning product that can kill mold before it has a chance to grow. We can help you treat your siding with our mold cleaner to keep molds away and allow for a longer period between cleaning. 

Remove Mold Right away.
When you see mold growth, call our siding contractors in Antioch to help you get rid and prevent them from turning into a costly and bigger mess.