22 Jul 2021

Benefits Of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie fiber cement was invented over 30 years ago. This siding material has undergone many years of improving, developing, and testing to achieve high-quality results and deliver the best siding on the market. A lot of homeowners decide on James Hardie siding for its beautiful appearance. However, many people are not aware of the fantastic benefits this siding can bring to your home.  BUZZ North Siding Contractors has listed some reasons why this siding is popular. 

Fiber Cement Product
James Hardie was the first to develop fiber cement siding. This material is vastly superior to aluminum and vinyl alternatives. James Hardie siding is stronger, thicker, and better prevents moisture and insect damage. This material can avoid damage to the structure of your home better and comes with a 30-year warranty. 

Hardie siding has been approved for fire-rated construction. This makes a safer option than other siding materials, which will melt or burn if exposed to flames or other heat sources. Having this siding will protect your home in the event of a fire. 

Weather and Pest Resistant
Because James Hardi siding is durable, it gives improved impact resistance against debris, hail, and tree branches. It can maintain its beauty despite heavy rain, wind, and other elements. It is not made of natural material like wood, so it will not attract pests and resist moisture. 

Elegant Design
James Hardie siding provides the same curb appeal that wood siding does. Its beauty lies in the unique options where you can choose to express your style. Homeowners can personalize their home’s architecture by choosing from our different siding options. 

More Durable Than Wood
James Hardie is durable and outperforms wood and engineered wood when it comes to weather resistance and durability. Contact  BUZZ North Siding Contractors today to have a James Hardie siding installation.