26 Sep 2021

Cracked or Loose Siding
After a storm, your siding may be in a rough condition. The heavy winds can loosen your siding and pry off the whole board. If you see that your siding is cracked or loosed, our siding contractors in Buzz ND Siding Contractors can help you.

Holes in Your Siding
If you notice any holes in your siding, it could indicate that some pests or insects burrow into the wood, like ants, termites, or other pests that can cause significant damage. No matter how big or small your holes in your sidings, it can lead to big problems and allow rain, moisture, and snow to get into and underneath the siding. Repairing holes can be costly, and labor-intensive especially if pests or moisture already reach your home’s structural framework.

Dry Rot
Siding that has dry rot should be replaced as soon as possible. If your siding is rotted or crumbling, it means it cannot do its job anymore. In addition, dry rot that starts underneath can eat away the main body of your siding, leaving only the top layer intact.

Visible Water Stains
Visible water stains are a sign that water is entering your siding and affecting the inside of your home. In this case, you need to have a siding replacement right away.

Higher Than Normal Energy Bills
If your energy bill increases significantly, this could indicate that your siding cannot insulate your home anymore. One of the benefits of siding is insulating your home, and the better your home is insulated, the less you spend on your energy bills.

You Are Frequently Painting Your Home
If your home needs frequent painting, it is time to replace your siding. Buzz ND Siding Contractors can help you with siding replacement, siding installation, James Hardie siding installation, vinyl siding installation, and other siding services.