12 Apr 2021

Why Spring Is An Ideal Time For A Siding Replacement & Siding Installation

One of the best times to complete home improvement projects like siding replacement or siding installation is Springtime. Getting a new siding will not only enhance your home’s beauty but also increase its energy efficiency and protection against elements and harsh weather conditions. Buzz ND Siding Contractors has listed some reasons why you should accomplish siding replacement this spring season.

Minimal Disruptions to Your Family and Routine

Performing siding replacement during the winter season can result in cold air entering your home and raising your heating costs. The moisture from outside can also infiltrate parts of your interior during siding installation. Spring has mild weather conditions that will not affect the indoor comfort of your home. 

Ideal Weather Conditions

Certain siding materials like vinyl siding tend to expand under hot temperatures and become brittle when it’s too cold. It’s difficult for your siding contractor to perform siding installation when the weather is too cold or warm, making the spring weather the best time for siding replacement. Make sure to schedule your project when there is no rain forecast. 

Preparation for the Summer Season

If you experienced a high electricity bill during the last winter season, it might indicate that your siding may be old, damaged, and not providing your home with proper insulation. Today’s modern siding is more efficient than older versions. Thus saving you money on energy costs. Installing energy-efficient siding in Spring prepares your home for the hot summer season. Also, it is easier to get an appointment from siding companies during the spring season to maximize your energy consumption in the summer season. 

One of the latest innovations in siding is James Hardie Siding, a nice variation that can give your home a more beautiful and cozy look. Whether you want to have James Hardie siding installation or vinyl siding installation, Buzz ND Siding Contractors is a certified siding contractor that can help you install your siding professionally on budget and on time. 

If you’re ready for a new siding installation this Spring, do not hesitate to call Buzz ND Siding Contractors today, and we’ll give your home a refreshing look after the frigid weather!