30 Sep 2022
Aluminum Siding installation

When you’re choosing the right siding solution for your home, start with a detailed comparison between vinyl siding and James Hardie siding to make sure of the features you need.

Why Homeowners Choose Hardie Siding Installation

These are some of the biggest reasons homeowners go with Hardie Board siding:

  1. Beautiful Curb Appeal – Hardie Board siding enhances a home’s exterior style, adding nice aesthetics and increasing property value.
  2. Low Maintenance – Hardie Board siding is fade-resistant so repainting is not necessary.
  3. Strength and Durability – Hardie siding is longer lasting than other materials, and it holds its beauty through rain, wind, or other weather events.
  4. Several Hardie Siding Replacement Options – Customize your home with a range of siding options, like:
  • Lap Siding—This timeless look offers durability and beauty for home exteriors nationwide.
  • Vertical Siding—For those homeowners who prefer a distinctly contemporary look for their homes, a vertical siding installation is an answer. You can express your love for modern style with clean, crisp vertical lines.


Why Homeowners Choose Vinyl Siding

  1. Nice Curb Appeal – A vinyl siding installation presents a clean look to a home exterior.
  2. Cost – One of the biggest advantages of vinyl siding is the low price point. This is attractive to rental properties as well as first-time home buyers.
  3. Strength and Durability – With the proper care, vinyl siding can typically last 20-40 years. You don’t have to worry about attracting insects or other pests, and will not rot when exposed to moisture as wood siding can. However, cold temperatures can cause cracking in vinyl siding, and warm temperatures can warp the vinyl.
  4. Customization – You can find vinyl siding in a whole range of colors, plus, you can get a vinyl siding installation done with vertical or horizontal panels to customize your home.

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